Realms Admins

Vampire Girl

Below is list of those who work on Realms. If you need help we encourage you to talk to a watcher or caretaker, and they will get in touch with a DM if the problem requires one.

RoH Dungeonmasters:

  • Bane
  • Dominus
  • Ocelot

RoH Caretakers:

  • Crayola

RoH Watchers:

  • Bodhi
  • Delta
  • Luminaire

RoH Webmaster:

  • Dominus

Dungeonmasters - DMs

Overlords of the game in all aspects. Have final word on all policy decisions. Enforce policy and security of the mud, write code, build areas, items, and creatures, and have access to the shell. Have unrestricted access to the entire mud. They are the final point of contact for players, and are unable to be mailed directly.

Caretakers - CTs

Chief enforcers of the policy. Build new areas, creatures, and items. Have unrestricted access to the entire mud. Supervises Creators and Builders. Second to the last point of contact for players. By default they are unable to be mailed by players, however, they may act as a Watcher if they so choose (see below).


Primary builders of the mud. Builders can build new areas, creatures, and objects depending on their skill. Limited access to specific areas, set by Dungeonmasters. No contact with players possible - always invisible to players.


Veteran players in service of Realms, acting as liasons. Respond to players by assisting with information and contacting Caretakers or Dungeonmasters if needed. A list of all watchers currently online can be found by typing "who watchers" at the prompt. If you need any kind assistance, please mudmail them (HELP MUDMAIL) or talk to them. Read the HELP WATCHERS entry for more information.