The Highport Daily

The Highport Daily is a small newspaper service based out of Highport, It is headquarted on Main Street between the Highport University and the Market Square. Founded on the principal of free speech, the reporters at the Highport Daily work feverishly to bring you the latest, unbiased news from across Derlith.

Note: although the newspaper is titled as a daily newspaper, issues only come out sporatically. The title of the newspaper was chosen by Mayor Meiss. He thought that "The Highport Daily" sounded much better than "The Highport Every-Once-in-a-While". Being the paper's source of funding, they had no choice but to agree.

Most recent paper: The Highport Daily (05-14-08)


The Highport Daily has a small staff, with Min being the only reporter. However, many good citizens of Highport have written articles for the paper, and they are credited here:

  • Min, Head Reporter
  • Giapetto
  • Sai the Monk
  • Joan the Templar

Note that the Highport Daily does not discriminate against its journalists, and anyone with a story to tell and the ability to write is allowed to submit an article. Journalists are paid an undisclosed sum based on the quality of the story. Proper spelling and grammer is expected, so our ogre journalists are encouraged to have others proofread their work. Either mudmail your story to Min or send a private message to Dominus on the forum.


Want to advertise in the Highport Daily? It's easy! Type your message into the box below to get a cost estimate, use the bank to send to money to Min, and then mudmail Min or send Dominus a message on the forum. If your message isn't expensive enough to warrant a bank, you must speak with Min in person. Your message will be run for either 1 week or two editions, whichever is longer.

White space does not count, otherwise the price is $10 a character. Your name will be attached to your advertisement for free.

Cost: $


The Highport-based newspaper posts old copies of its paper here, as nobody is interested in paying 100 gold for an outdated newspaper. Below you will find a list of archived newspapers.