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Watchers on Realms are veteran players who act as liasons between players and
the staff. They are quasi-members of the Realms Staff. They are the only
players allowed to mudmail Caretakers and Dungeonmasters. Their primary mission
is to be a go-between between all the players and the staff of Realms, in order
to deflect some of the simpler questions off of us, as we are extremely busy.
They also help newbies whenever possible, and try to help them acclimate to
the game.

Watchers do not gain any special privilages by becoming watchers. They cannot
jail you or inflict any other kind of punishment upon other players.

Watchers will decide what the DMs and CTs deal with. If they decide we need to
be talked to, they will mudmail us and talk to us about your problem.

The Watcher Code

Watchers are like cops when it comes to sticking together. If you purposefully
hunt a watcher, do not be surprised if all the other watchers gang up on you.
This is not advised, because we pick people who know what they are doing to
be watchers.


Once you know the game extremely well, are high level, or have been high level
in the past here, and you have a solid rapport with us, we will seek you out
to be a watcher if we need any. Asking us to be a watcher will always get you
the reply of "who knows". We will find you - do not come to us.

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