Who's On Now

Note that invisible or misted players will not show up in the list below.

[27:Cl/A] C Anakin the Cambion Darklord/Mass Murderer (Aramon)
[30:Bers] C Berk the Ogre Warlord
[40:Rang] C Ceasar the Dark-Elven Faelord
[27:Rang] C Cor the Human Netherbane [Roc Slayers]
[40:Pala] C Cyric the Human Vindicator (Enoch) [Roc Slayers]
[39:Pure] C Damion the Cambion Turok-Han (Order of Vlad) [Forsaken Rage]
[38:Cler] C Decevus the Unknown Chosen of Gradius (Gradius) [Shadow Shockers]
[40:Pure] C Delacroix Vladimir the Human Antediluvian (Order of Vlad) [Shadow Shockers]
[24:Drui] C Dru the Seraphic Savant
[26:Cler] L Ever the Human Elder Divine (Ceris)
[40:Assa] C Fox the Half-Giant Dark Predator (Shadow Masters) [Shadow Shockers]
[34:Cler] C Howard the Dwarven Chosen of Gradius (Gradius)
[29:Monk] C Kate the Orcish Mystic Lady [Roc Slayers]
[40:Figh] L Krugga the Dwarven Highlord [Roc Slayers]
[25:Deat] C Leonard the Minotaur Hellspawn (Aramon)
[37:Deat] C Malys the Kobold Malevolent Mercenary (Aramon) [Forsaken Rage]
[32:Bard] C Mele the Cambion Loremaster
[40:Cler] C Melisandre the Human Mistress of Aramon (Aramon) [Roc Slayers]
[18:Cler] C Mender the Human Precentor (Ceris)
[35:Lich] C Pox the Cambion Undead Overlord [Forsaken Rage]
[35:M/A] C Quicklin the Tiefling Warlock/Dark Predator (Wizards' Eye) [Shadow Shockers]
[28:Lich] C Sheldon the Human Undead Overlord
[35:Cler] L Slim the Dwarven Chosen of Gradius (Gradius)
[31:T/M] C Slimy the Dark-Elven Crimelord/Warlock (Shadow Masters)
[18:Drui] C Stella the Unknown Elementalist
[39:Bers] C Thor the Trollkin Tempermental Troglodyte [Forsaken Rage]
[7:M/A] C Tifa the Dark-Elven Necromancer/Stalker
[40:Deat] C Tor Hugehorns the Minotaur Destroyer of Worlds (Aramon) [Roc Slayers]
[30:Deat] C Valkorian Vitiate the Human Master of Evil (Aramon) [Forsaken Rage]
Players online: 29
Current as of: Tue May 24 19:02:58 2022