About Realms

Long ago, the world of Derlith was at peace. The Northern Kingdom of Caladonia and the Southern Kingdom of Sendral existed in harmony with the Eastern Kingdom of Bordia. There was friction between the kingdoms, but for the most part they tolerated one another. Then, as if overnight, one day everything changed.

The government of the Kingdom of Sendral was taken over by a group of religious fanatics. They enforced their will upon all the citizens of the lands of Sendral and executed the royal family. A religious crusade was declared, wiping out systematically all the ancient religions of their land. A Theocracy was formed, and the church controlled all with a newly formed order of crusaders. Any opposition or thought to the faith is brutally crushed. People live in fear for their lives. Many innocents have been accused and burned as heretics.

Later that year, the royal family of the Kingdom of Caladonia was thrown into exile, and an evil military despot took control, with the help of shadow assassins some say the devil trained himself. A new order was brought to Caladon, with ranks of Caldonian Dark Knights, or Death Knights as some call them, making war on the surrounding lands. All personal freedoms were lost. The people of Caladonia live in constant fear of their lives. Each new moon, blood sacrifices are required in every town by the local churches of darkness. Sendral and Caladonia immediately went to war. a seemingly endless war that has lasted until this day. Any good soul should be wary of being found alone in Caladonia.

About when the war was declared, The Eastern Kingdom of Bordia began to hear reports of strange creatures coming from the swamps to the north of Fort Baladus. Also, Orcs and Giants from the Firedrake Mountains began to increase raids into the Eastern land. This continued to become worse over the years, until one day hordes of demons and evil creatures attacked from the now aptly named Hellbog. Fort Baladus was lost, and with it the entire government of the Eastern Kingdom. The countryside erupted into anarchy. Highport, Bordia's southernmost city, closed its gates to all people and declared itself a free city, which it remains to this day. Highport now sells arms to both sides, blatantly enriching itself on the spilt blood of the war.

War and anarchy cross the lands of Derlith. After centuries of peaceful coexistence, the land is slowly disintegrating into chaos. No one knows why all this has happened so suddenly. It is no longer safe to be alone in the dark anywhere in Derlith, as Vampires control the night in many places, and werewolves have many packs in the hills. It is clear that Derlith will eventually succumb to the evils that were unleashed upon it.

And this is the world in which you have chosen to journey.