Thena Gets Goatboy

Thena: level 14 Elven Assassin
Goatboy: Level 18 Dwarven Fighter

(97 H 28 M): Goatboy just arrived.
Hope just arrived.
bs goa
c im goa

(97 H 28 M): You backstab Goatboy.
Your glass-crystal blade shatters.
You hit for 225 damage.
You killed Goatboy.
You have vanquished Goatboy
You gain 1620 experience for your heroic deed.
### Sadly, Goatboy was killed by Thena.
(97 H 28 M): That's not here.
(97 H 28 M): hid

You attempt to hide in the shadows.
You slip into the shadows unnoticed.
(97 H 28 M): l

Highport Main Street

The University of Highport is to the north.
Obvious exits: east, west, arch, gate.
You see Hope.

(97 H 28 M): Hope flees to the east.
(97 H 28 M): w
### Zero just flashed, "don't need to".
(97 H 28 M):