Preachings of Smoke

By Smoke

      Good day, my fellow minions. Today's preaching is on why good must be obliterated from Derlith. When I decided to leave Enoch, I was approached by many of my deluded colleagues. They attempted to convince me to stay with Enoch, and asked me why I wished to leave. I retorted, "I have used Enoch just to learn the basics of healing. I now strive for power, and that is Aramon." Shortly after my statement, I was assaulted by pathetic paladins and other foolish martyrs of Enoch. Under the protection of my evil brother Demitri, I was able to flee uninjured. Not long after leaving Enoch, Demitri took me to the dark land of Caladon. Here I saw incredible abominations who served their powerful masters. These masters were titled Evil Clerics of Aramon, and allied with powerful undead beings such as liches and vampires. I envied their strength, and quickly begged my brother to take me to the Temple of Aramon. When I finally arrived under a beating of rain, I was greeted by a devilishly handsome man named Damnation Dan. I quickly pledged my allegiance to him, and became a cleric of Aramon. So as you have seen, I know not only the power of Aramon, but also the weakness that is Enoch. Those Enoch clerics are weak because of their faith, a usless faith which will not purify but only waste away the soul's true power. We minions have been suppressed much too long by Enoch. By the power in which Aramon has infused me with, I ask you all to stand up for yourselves and demolish Sigil and all of it's holy inhabitants. Our leader Aramon has already made his presence felt, with his stealthy Shadow Masters, Devil Knights, and his own cult. My preaching for today will end on this concluding statement; The Obsidian Blade, Crusaders Order, and the clerics of Enoch must be defaced and tortured.