Kira's Great Adventure

By Kira

      Kira slowly inserts the last key, the incadecent key, into the lock on the portal. The astral gate opens slowly and golden light shines from the other side of the gate. Kira says to herself, "finally...i've finally found you..." As she stepped into the golden light, she still couldn't see due to the brightness. She started feel surrounded by an unkown aura. It felt funny at first. However, the aura became stronger and stronger and Kira, even with her mighty powers, was disintegrated within seconds. This has set a warning for all those who plan on obtaining the resist-magic spell. This is a story of how Kira, the Elven Superior One, disappeared from the world of Isengard. Nobdy has ever seen her after that instant, but the tale of her disappearance passes on.

      Who would've known that Kira was teleported into another world? The unknown aura did not exactly disintegrated her. It actually teleported her into another demension called The Realms of Hell.

      Kira wakes up in the streets of Realms and realized that all the skills she has learned have disappeared. It's no time to cry over it. She is now in a new world with nothing and all she can think of is to survive. Kira picks up a sword to defend herself and hopes that one day, she'll be able to find a way to get back to the world in which she came from. Kira is usually a happy person that smiles very often and likes to socialize with others. Though secretive in treasures and quests, she shares them with those who are worthy. She thinks that only cowards sigh and cry, therefore you'll never see her being negative. If someone does her a favor, she'll always remember it. This goes the same for those who harm her.