Who is Huntress?

By Huntress

      Huntress was not always a secretive yet vicious fighter, clad in adamantine armor and hiding her once beautiful face with an unremovable mask. Born from one of the most influencial elven noble families, Alleria Riverwind was the youngest daughter of a family of great mages and warriors. She was a beautiful, happy, and free-spirited child, without a care in the world.

      The Riverwinds lived around The Meadhil with many other elves, and Alleria was inducted into the order of druids, due to her love of nature and the trees. The Earthmother's denizens trained the beautiful young druid in the arts of tracking, magic, and exploring. Alleria, an ambitious young woman now, loved to go on long quests into the surrounding areas to hone the skills she had been taught. She also found a breathtakingly handsome and loving husband, the elven warrior-prince Mallorn Ironwood. Life was wonderful for the beautiful elven woman and all the people she loved, but this perfect life was not meant to last.

      Coming home from one of her adventures, she smelled smoke and knew something was terribly wrong. Bursting through the underbrush, she saw Prince Ironwood fighting hundreds of orcs, goblins, ogres, and trolls, trying to protect their children. Right before her eyes, Mallorn was cut down and smashed to pieces by a gigantic ogre ranger twice his size wielding a flaming scimitar and a diamond studded warhammer. The orcs, taunting her, tied her children and her up to wooden stakes and set them on fire. Alleria, struggling to free herself, watched her children die and had half of her face burned off, losing an eye before she was able to free herself, using a powerful burstflame spell (usually outlawed in the forest), to burn through the rope binding her hands to the wooden stake. Unable to go back to her family and the family of her husband, the once beautiful woman, now disfigured, went into hiding, vowing vengeance for all the monsters that had destroyed her life.

      Forgetting most of the teachings of the peace-loving druids, Alleria started training as a ranger, toughening her body and pushing her physical powers to their limits. On her quests, she obtained adamantine corbite and dragonscale armor, making her almost invincible. Alleria even dared to venture into the deadly ruins of Fort Baladus and managed to obtain an adamantine corbite mask to cover her face. It was then her loss of identity was complete. No one could find out who she was without killing her.

      Already an ambitious person, Alleria pushed herself even more, quickly becoming a master of using two weapons at a time, copying the great ogre ranger who had slew her husband. After training for 3 years and proving her powers by killing a dreaded doom spider by herself, she decided it was time to seek her revenge.

      Using her incredible tracking skills, she started hunting all the monsters down that had caused her grief and killing them. Word quickly spread among all races that a powerful new female ranger was about, who methodically killed countless orcs, trolls, ogres, and goblins with immense skill and lack of remorse. They named this secretive ranger Huntress, and since no one could ever figure out who she was, the name stuck. For a period of 5 years, it was almost commonplace to see piles of orc, ogre, goblin, and troll corpses burning around the Free City of Highport.

      At the end of the 5 years, Huntress’ revenge was finally complete. All the monsters who had been associated with the raid on her home 8 years ago were dead. Huntress then decided to offer her help as a mercenary, and she was known for assisting many famous adventurers in their quests for becoming more powerful and knowledgable.

      Huntress, her life dead in the flames that had killed her family, does not have a purpose anymore. Now she just barely lives, waiting until the time comes for her to be with the man and children she loved once again.