Delta's Early Adventures

By Delta

Delta grumbled darkly. He knew that the beginning wouldn't be easy, but he hadn't expected it to be like this. All Delta had done so far was pick up a small knife he had found on the floor and used it to cut up some yelping puppies and lost kittens. Not his idea of fun. He had found Korben in the University, but Korben told him to gain some experience before coming to train with him. Delta, eyeing a rat, let his foot lash out at the creature. To his surprise, Delta killed the rat. Armed with a new battle technique, Delta smiled, and headed to a southern part of the market.

Delta looked around. There wasn't much to do here. He wanted to gain experience through fighting but had no real desire to randomly kill people. Looking at the various shops in the market, Delta spied an old dwarf sitting in a booth.

"Hello, sir."

The old dwarf glared up at the young dwarf. "What do ye want, yew littul boy?" the older dwarf croaked, spraying tobacco juice all over Delta's face.

Delta tried to keep his composure. "Sir, I was jus trying to ask you about how I could get sum experience with fighting."

The dwarven veteran chuckled. "I tell yew what. Ye hate orcs, right?"

Delta nodded. "I hate orcs as much as I...hate orcs."

The old dwarf went on. "Well, a bunch of them damn orcs meet in the southeastern market everyday." The dwarf leaned over and whispered to Delta, "I wish I c'uld take them, but me fightin' skills ain't what they used to be."

Delta stood up firmly. "Yew can count on me to shew those orcies a lesson."

The older dwarf chuckled to himself. "This boy sure has some spirit," the dwarven veteran thought to himself. But before he could warn Delta about watching out in battle, Delta had already rushed headfirst towards a group of orcs in the east. The old dwarf watched from a short distance as Delta began to take a pounding from three taunting orcs.

"Die you fiends!" Delta yelled. He fought bravely, but was quickly overpowered by the more experienced group of orcs. One orc knocked Delta onto the floor, and the others were about to pummel him to oblivion.

One mean looking half-orc took out a long blade. "This oughtta do it!" he cackled as he walked towards Delta. The half-orc raised his arm and starting taunting the prostrate dwarf. Just as the knife was about the plunge into Delta's neck, a huge hammer knocked the orc's head apart and sent its contents spilling across the floor. The old dwarf had come to save Delta.

"Run, boy, run!" cried the dwarven veteran as half a dozen orcs came out of nowhere and started throwing themselves on top of the old fighter. But Delta was too hurt and too bound to the action to run away. The old dwarf fought bravely, but age had taken a toll on him: the sheer number of orcs overwhelmed him. Delta tried to help him, but was immediately knocked aside. Helplessly, Delta watched as his new friend was mercilessly attacked by the orcs. Finally, the orcs had nearly all been slain, and a few wounded ones scampered away. Delta was about to cheer when he saw the old dwarf collapse onto the floor.

"How did I do, boy? I sure shewed them orcs a lesson. I sure did, didn't I?"

Noticing the dwarf's ghastly wounds, Delta felt tears come to his eyes. "A dwarf doesn't cry," he thought to himself, as he shook his head violently.

"Come on, old man, let's get yew sum treatment."

But the old dwarf was starting to lose his sanity. "I really shewed them a lesson, didn't I? I really did!"

"Yes yes!" cried Delta, as he began to drag the wounded body towards the clinic.

"I really really shewed them..." But it was too late. The old dwarf had died. Delta stared at the body in disbelief. Hoping that dwarf might have just fallen unconscious, Delta shook the body violently. Nothing. Carefully standing up and picking up the huge hammer that lay on the floor, Delta's eyes felt a glow emanate through his body. Some streetsweepers had already arrived and were cleaning up the dead. Delta was about to stop them from picking up the dead dwarf's body, but he restrained himself. As he watched the men carry away his friend's dead body, Delta turned around, his eyes burning with fire and hatred.

Let the slaying of the orcs, goblins, trolls, and giants begin.

To be continued...