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Vampirism is the disease that turns ordinary people into vampires. Once
contracted, there is no known cure. Being a vampire has several benefits as
well as several disadvantages.


A vampire gains vampiric abilities - a bite attack, the ability to turn into
mist and the power to hypnotize others. When a vampire kills or bites another
player, there is a chance their victim will become infected with porphyria.
Should the victim turn into a vampire, they will be unable to attack the
vampire that turned them.


The most significant downside to being a vampire is vulnerability to sunlight.
Standing exposed in sunlight for even a moment can cause serious damage, and
any vampire foolish enough to stay in the light will surely perish.

With the extracolors option enabled, a sun-lit room's name will appear in
a different shade of cyan.
  Sunlight:    Highport Market Square
  No sunlight: Highport Municipal Clinic


Upon becoming a vampire, a player is turned chaotic and does not have the
option of converting to lawful. They also gain all of the benefits and
disadvantages that come with being undead.

Legacy vampires (those who are vampires by choosing a class) have not changed.
See HELP VAMPIRE for more details.

See also: porphyria

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