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Adjustments: +2 Intelligence, +1 Dexterity, -2 Constitution, -1 Piety
Compatible Classes: Assassin, Bard, Berserker, Cleric, Deathknight, Druid,
	Fighter, Lich, Mage, Monk, Ranger, Rogue, Thief, Pureblood, Werewolf,
	Fighter/Mage, Fighter/Thief, Mage/Thief, Thief/Mage, Mage/Assassin

Tieflings are the offspring of demons and halflings. Thus they have inbred
magical talent and intelligence. They often suffer from strange deformities due
to their abyssal nature, such as a forked tail or tongue, steely spiked hair,
clawed hands and feet, large horns, etc. The deformities tend to hamper their
natural halfling dexterity as well as to make them have much less stature than
normal for a halfling. Tieflings make some of the best mages on Derlith, and
they only recently have begun to emerge in this regard. The majority of
tieflings are of a multi-class nature, usually one having magical abilities.
They are often hired out as assassins by one evil organization or another, as
they have an inherent michievously evil nature. Most are shunned at birth as
some kind of bad omen, and they are drawn to criminal and chaotic behavior like
a moth to a flame. All tieflings have red eyes with black or white pupils which
glow when the light is low.

See in dark (infravision): Yes
Size class: Small
Note: Tieflings must be Chaotic.

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