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The list command produces a list of things that you are allowed to buy along
with their prices. You may then use the BUY or PURCHASE commands to aquire
the item. If a target is specified, it will show you what they are selling.
A red (x) denotes a weapon or a piece of armor that you are currently
unable to use.

: list
You may buy:
   Some climbing boots                Cost: 50
   A climbing rope                    Cost: 300
   A small sack                       Cost: 50
   A torch                            Cost: 15
   A wick lantern                     Cost: 100
   A small dagger                     Cost: 100 (x)

: select i
Korben the Instructor is currently selling:
1) wooden key                75gp
2) steel key                 150gp
3) bronze key                300gp

You may also filter the results of what is displayed to give you a more
narrow selection. To do so, simply add a hyphen followed by what you would
like to filter on at the end of the command.

: list -sword
You may buy: (filtering on "sword")
   A white colored sword                                  Cost: 225 gold coins

You may use this exhaustive list of filters:
   weapon        armor           potion          scroll
   wand          container       key             lightsource
   song          poison          bandage

   cloth         leather         chain           plate

   sword         great-sword     polearm         whip
   axe           great-axe       rapier          spear
   dagger        staff           mace            great-mace
   club          hammer          great-hammer    bow

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