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Syntax: quest [abandon|quit <quest name>]
              [complete <quest name>]
              [search|view|find <search term>]

When run with no parameters, the quest command will list all old style (mordor)
quests you have completed, all new quests you have completed, and give you
information on any current quests you have.

Quest Abandon|Quit:
If you want to abandon a quest type in quest abandon <first part of the quest name>

NOTE: This will erase all progress you have made on the quest and you will
need to start from scratch if you elect to start the quest again.

Quest Complete:
To complete a quest you must be at the turnin monster and have finished all
requirements of the quest.  When all requirements have been satisifed and
you are at the turnin monster type quest complete [optional quest name]
If you do not type a quest name, the game will try to complete all quests in
your quest book.  If given a name it will try to complete the first quest
that matches that string of characters.

Quest Search|View|Find:
This searches your current quest list for the given search term and displays
a resulting filtered list. The search will apply to any part of the quest, including
name, description, frequency, monsters to kill, objects to get, and rewards.

See also: help quests

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