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The property command allows you to manage the properties you own. When typed,
it will display a list of properties that you own. If you are a partial owner
of any property, you may remove yourself by using this command.

If you are in one of your properties, the "property" command will give you more
options for working with that specifical property.

Partial Ownership

You can assign other players as partial owners of your property. In doing
so, they will be able to use some of the same commands as the actual owner.
This depends on the property:

   Storage Rooms: partial owners are allowed complete access to the storage
       room. They must also purchase a key to get through the locked storage
       door. A player may only be associated with one storage room at a time.

   Shops: partial owners are allowed to stock items and change the price of
       items, but they cannot remove items from the store. They are not given
       any profit from sales; this must be worked out manually by the owner.

Partial owners may also have flags set on them. This will allow you to more
precisely define what actions a partial owner may take. Type "property flags"
for more information. Note: for personal houses, this command will flag the
entire property rather than partial owners.


You may choose to close down your property at any time. Caution - you cannot
undo this action! Also note, when you suicide your character, all of your
properties are destroyed.


Properties keep a log of events that occur in relation to the property. By
default, only actions taken by partial owners are logged. You may choose for
all actions to be logged (owner included), or none to be logged.


Certain properties may be assigned to a guild. For example, assigning a shop
to a guild means that all guild members become partial owners, and proceeds
from sales go to the guild's bank account. Should a player ever be removed
from a guild, they will retain ownership of their shop. Guild halls MUST
be part of a guild. They will always belong to the current leader of the
guild - ownership of the guild hall does not stay with the player if they
leave the guild or if they abdicate as guild leader.

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