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Porphyria is a curse associated with vampirism. Its symptoms will start off
mild, but as time progresses they will become more severe and more dangerous.
Letting porphyria run its course or dying from the curse will irrevocably
turn the victim into a vampire. If the victim is cursed by another player,
they will be permanently charmed by the vampire that turned them.

A person can contract porphyria in two ways: being killed by a vampire or by
being bitten by a vampire. Please note that legacy vampires (those who are
vampires by choosing a class) do not have the ability to inflict others with

It is also rumored that staying in the sunlight will prevent porphyria from
taking effect, atleast momentarily. Spells that protect you from the power of
undead will also prevent this curse from taking hold. Paladins and clerics
of good-aligned gods are also immune to this curse.

Porphyria may be cured by a remove-curse spell.

See also: vampirism

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