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Peek allows thieves or assassins to try and "peek" at another player's or
monster's inventory. If they are successful, they get to see what that creature
is holding. The higher level the positive level difference between the peeker
and the person peeked, the less likely the peeker will be noticed. There is also
always a chance that the peeker will see how much gold a monster is carrying,
but not a player. Also, thieves (and thieves only) can also peek into other
players' containers, but this is somewhat harder then normal peeking, and it
obviously has more chance of being discovered.

: peek bob
He's oblivious to your rummaging.
He is carrying: a hoe, a small sack.
: peek bob sack
You manage to peek inside Bob's small sack.
He noticed!
It contains: a hazy potion.

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