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Help on: Botting

Botting and Multi-Logging
        Multi-logging is defined as having more than one player logged in at a time. Botting is defined
as the practice of completely automating your character(s), where they play the game by themselves without
any direct input from a user. This is often done using scripts, triggers, aliases, etc..with a MUD client
with those capabilities, such as CMUD, ZMUD, or MudLet (there are plenty of others, just google "mud clients"
and you can find several.) 
        As we are relatively low in population right now, we currently will allow multi-logging and botting 
for a limited basis. That being said, the following rules regarding this must be adhered to or kept in mind:

1) No more than 3 characters may bot or multi-log at the same time.

2) You must gain authorization from RoH staff in order to either bot or multi-log. Once you have it, bot or
   mult-log away.

3) You are subject to being messed with by other players at all times, without penalty. Keep in mind that
   this also could include the occasional bored RoH staff member, but rarely. However, our staff will never get 
   your characters permanently killed by a monster or NPC, and we will not take your gold or equipment. If
   you do not agree with this, configure your bots to minimize it! :)

Note that simple use of triggers and such is not considered botting, so that does not apply to this. Also, if 
RoH ever comes to a point again where there are more regular players online, this policy will change.

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