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For help on non-PK alignment, type HELP ALIGNMENTHELP.

This command allows a player to choose their alignment path after a certain
level. Players must choose to follow law or chaos. The alignments are described
as below:

Lawful players cannot steal or kill other players, and they cannot be killed or
stolen from by other players. A pledged lawful player, or a paladin /
deathknight, may still attack other players.

Chaotic players can kill and steal from other chaotic players, and they also
can be stolen from and killed by other chaotic players. If you do not know
the game well, it is advised you do not be chaotic. This is recommended for
advanced players only.

Note that it is possible to duel with other players using the DUEL command.
HELP DUEL for more details. It is also possible to join a player run guild
whether you are lawful or chaotic.

To convert to Law after choosing Chaos, see the HELP CONVERT file.

: alignment
Syntax: alignment lawful
        alignment chaotic
Note: Tieflings must be chaotic.

: alignment lawful
### Bob chooses to adhere to the order of LAW!

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