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Lag protection routines are designed to attempt to save you from a catastrophic
lagout. Although it is not 100% certain to save you, it, along with wimpy, will
most certainly increase your chances of surviving a lagout. All characters
default with lag protection routines turned on at the time of character

Lag protection only activates if you are HIT by an attack (from a monster)
after you are detected to be idle for 10+ seconds. If you are equal to or over
50% of your max hit points, it will try to make you flee automatically,
opening doors for you, and even removing your weapon(s). If you are under 50%
of your hit points, the routines will search your entire inventory (including
bags) for a word-of-recall item (hazy potion, smokey potion, etc..). You will
then automatically drink/use this item and be recalled to the Origin where you
will be safe. You are able to disable this auto-recall effect, which will make
the routines only make you flee. Simply type CLEAR LAGRECALL to do this. Note
that lag protection can not save you if you are in a no-flee or
no-potion/no-magic room.

If you wish ever to turn off your lag protection, which we most definitely do
NOT recommend, type CLEAR LAGPROTECT. As mentioned, lag protection is not 100%
certain, and will not save you every time. It is best not to go afk in
potentially hostile areas and to never play in lag than to rely upon it, or
anything else, to save you from lagout.

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