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The attack command allows a player to fight a monster or player who is in the
same room. Once a monster is attacked, it will remember your face until it's
dead, so don't make too many enemies at once. If you do not supply a numeric
modifier to the monster's name and there are more than one of that monster in
the room, then you will be assumed to be attacking the first such monster in
the room. As additional monsters are added to the room, they will be given
larger identifying numbers, so you can assume that the numeric identifier
you chose to begin with will not change.

IMPORTANT: Combat in Realms is not like combat in many other MUDs where you
type kill <monster> once and sit back and yawn. You must continue to attack
the monster you're fighting. You may turn on auto-attack (type CLEAR NOAUTO),
which will make you swing back whenever you are hit, but it is unreliable and
makes it impossible to flee should you become mortally injured.

  attack <player/monster> [#]
  kill <player/monster> [#]
  k <player/monster> [#]

: Two winos just arrived.
: k win 2
You attack the 2nd wino.
You missed.
: The 2nd wino burps on you for 2 damage.

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