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Goblin ROleplaying Notes

First off, read the book of knowledge under goblin.

Goblins are crude, filthy, and disgusting little creatures. They're brutes. They
HATE dwarves and elves and insult them or kill them whenever possible. They
think humans taste good, especially women (which they often rape first). They
don't speak in complete sentences. They burp, spit, drool, slobber, grunt, and
fart a lot. Goblin women are very slutty.

They are cowards and act as such... Most of them have lice, so they scratch all
the time. They defecate and urinate in public places. They NEVER take baths.
They are disgusting when they eat. They don't like sunlight. They will do
anything to get ahead, but usually in an organized manner. To a goblin, the only
person that can tell them what to do is someone who could beat the living crap
out of them. They cower before these people and are very obsequious towards them.

They ALWAYS tell crude jokes usually involving sexual or bathroom humor, and
the jokes almost never are funny.

And last but not least, they aren't very bright at all and are quite dull
(even though you have high int for a goblin, you won't be as learned or
cultured as a non-goblin with the same int.

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