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Fighter Roleplaying Notes

Fighters are a very generic class as they can be played by nearly all races.
Everything from mercenaries, soldiers, weaponmasters, and armed guard fall into
the fighter category. One should note, however, the main difference between
fighters and berserkers - fighters generally are more educated and fight with
style rather than brute strength. This is just a general rule, as many wild
fighters are sure to exist out there.

Since most classes can be considered a variant of fighters, there are several
things to note that separates the masses. Paladins and death knights are
religiously motivated AND receive direct blessings from their deities, while
religious fighters only dedicated to their god - they don't receive blessings.
Rangers follow strict codes of conduct and are deeply connected to the forests,
sometimes almost becoming a part of it. Rangers are rare, and thus most woodsman
or lumberjacks you encounter would be consider fighters. Rogues are considered
light fighters, relying more on their swiftness than their skill. Fighters,
however, are a combination of skill and muscle.

Many fighters fight for their reputation, trying to achieve perfection in a
certain weapon. They obsess over improving their ability to fight and defeat
opponents above all else. These fighters are dangerous, not only because of
their daunting skill but because of their unwavering dedication. They WILL be
the best swordsman in the world, and nothing is going to stop them.

The general habits of a fighter are wide and many. They are the a generic
collection of the people in the world who have learned how to fight and protect
themselves. They can be anything from the dirty streetfighter who attacks
merchants for money, or he can be the watchful vigilante, striking out against
the oppressors of his land. The fighter is a universal class whose roleplaying
traits general depend on his personality, as many personalities chose to become

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