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Faction is another dynamic feature of the game; factions are essentially
organizations of which other people in the world can be members. Killing certain
people may make one faction like you more and another faciton like you less.
If you slay a crusader in the streets of Sigil, your standing with the Sigil
Inquisition will worsen, but your standing with the Church of Caladon will
definitely improve.

Faction Standings
   Worship      People will randomly perform a social.
   High Regard  People will do business with you at a larger discount.
   Favorable    People will do business with you at a discount.


   Disapprove   People will do business with you, but at a large markup.
   Disfavor     People will refuse do business with you.
   Contempt     People will refuse to speak with you, and may randomly attack.
   Malice       People will attack you on sight.

Your initial standing with a faction can be based on your race, class, deity,
and how much that faction likes outsiders. A human of any class will be looked
upon with malice by the dark-elves of Oakspire, while a dark-elf will start
at indifference.

For certain races/classes/deities, a max faction standing may be imposed. Using
the example of Oakspire, a human can only ever achieve the disapproving
standing; yes, you may have slaughtered hundreds of elves to make the drow like
you, but you're still an inferior race and they will always look down on you.
Elves, on the other hand, will always be looked upon with malice and can never
improve their faction standing with Oakspire.

Worship Social
Each faction will have a social command that its humanoid members will perform
on those in the room who have reached worship standing.

For example:
: A Highport guardsman just arrived.
: The Highport guardsman shakes your hand.

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