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MP cost: 15/20/25
School:  Evocation
Domain:  Trickery

This spell summons a globe of magical darkness to follow the target around.
Anyone in the same room as the target will need the infravision spell to be
able to see. Anyone may cast this spell upon themselves, and it will cost
only 15MP. Mages, liches, clerics, druids, and bards are all able to cast
it upon others as well. In that case it will cost 20MP to cast instead of

Anybody who knows and can cast the enchant spell may cast darkness on an
object. This enchants the object with an aura of darkness that lasts until
a remove-curse spell is cast on the person holding it. Darkened objects in
a bag will not be affected by remove-curse and will also not make the room
dark. This version of the spell costs 25MP to cast, the same as the enchant

Enoch does not condone the use of this spell. The darkness spell will last
half as long as normal if cast by a worshipper of Enoch. Arachnus is the
opposite; followers of Arachnus will find this spell lasts twice as long.

This spell is considered offensive. It can be cast on any player above
third level.

cast darkness <player|object>

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