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MP cost: 25
School:  Translocation
Domain:  Travel

This spell binds its target to the location specified. When that person
dies or uses a word-of-recall spell, they will be returned to the Origin,
which leads to the bound city. Only mages, clerics, druids, and liches of
13th level or greater are able to cast this spell. The target must also
have their SUMMON flag set.

To bind to a specific city, you must be in a certain room. At this time,
there are only a few locations to which a person may be bound. They are:

Bind City	Must Be In
-----------	----------
   Highport	   Market Square
   Sigil	   Town Square
   Gnomebarrow	   Town Square
   Oakspire	   Central Platform
   Druidwood	   Tree of Life
   Ruhrdan         Ruhrdan Square
   Eldinwood       Eldinwood Landing 

cast bind [target]

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