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MP cost: 50 / 30 / 10
School:  Translocation
Domain:  Not Castable

The anchor spell allows you to form a dimensional-anchor in the room you
are currently in. Such an anchor allows you to focus the teleport spell,
designating a specific location to teleport to. This version of the spell
costs 50mp to cast. A caster may only have 3 dimensional-anchors in at a
time. Destroying an anchor costs 10mp instead of 50mp.

Alternatively, if the caster designates a player, the dimensional-anchor
effect will be placed on them, hindering magical movement. The spell will
prevent magical means of transportation from working properly: spells
from the school of translocation will autmatically have a 90% chance of
failing in addition to any saving throws allowed. This version of the
spell costs 30mp to cast.

CAUTION: hazy potions will not work if you are dimensionally anchored.
Note: players under the effect of a dimensional anchor spell cannot track,
      but can still be tracked by other players.

Only mages and liches of atleast 16th level may cast this spell.

cast anchor <name|target> [create|destroy]

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