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   NOTE: If you are new, please read all of this! It will be of immense help!


Welcome to the Realms of Hell MUD! You're about to enter in to the world of 
Derlith, where you can explore, fight fantastic beasts, complete fantastic quests, 
and even compete against other players. As you've already seen on character creation, 
you can choose from a multitude of classes and races to be. Over time as you gain
experience points, you will be able to increase your level. As a result, your character's
abilities and skills will increase as well. 

If you have not done so already, you should complete the online tutorial after you
create your character. It will assist you in much of the basics of the game. In addition,
you can also type HELP by itself or HELP COMMANDS to get a basic idea of all the
commands you can use here. Using the preference command will allow you to customize
the environment to your taste. If you do not have one already, we reccommend that you
definitely use a MUD client such as MUDLET or CMUD. You can find plenty of MUD clients
by googling. It will make this a much better experience than playing over TELNET.


Much information can also be found on our web forums located at
You should go there and make an account as soon as possible. In addition, you can find
more information on our player-maintained wiki at
Please check them out!



There are several ways to communicate in the game. Chief among them is via either the newbie channel
or the gossip channel. This will broadcast what you say to everyone currently logged into the game.
You can find out more about them by using the newbie or the gossip command. You can see a full 
list of channels you can communicate on by typing pref -channels at any time. To send private
messages to another player, you can use the send or tell commands. To communicate in the same
room, you can use say or osay. In addition, you can even privately whisper to another player.
Certain races, like dark-elves, can also use the sign command. If you're in a player group, you can 
use gtalk to communicate just in your group (HELP FOLLOW.) Every player has a mailbox in game. 
You can access this by finding a post office room in any of the given cities in the game. You can type 
HELP MUDMAIL for more information. Also, please type HELP SOCIALS. This is a list of built in
action command that all players can do. You can also use the emote command to do them custom.

Character Information
If you type the info command, you can see your character's current layout. You can also see 
a shortened version by using the score command. The contents of your inventory can be
seen by using the inv command (short for inventory.) 

Character Stats

Every character has these five stats which you chose upon character creation. Certain classes will
benefit more than others with certain stats. You can see their definitions below to get a good idea.

STRENGTH:     The measure of your character's raw strength. The bigger this number is, the more your
              damage bonus is in combat, and the more you can carry.
DEXTERITY:    How quick and/or mechanically inclined your character is. The higher this number is,
              the more elusive you will be in combat, and the better you will be at certain class
              abilities, such as pick, steal, or shoplift.
CONSTITUTION: How robust and durable your character is. The higher this number is, the more of a
              bonus you will receive to hit points. In addition, it helps you with things like
              resisting poisons and other similar types of attacks.
INTELLIGENCE: This determines how insightful your character is. The higher this number is, the
              more damage you will do with spell attacks. It also helps with resisting things
              like mental attacks.
PIETY:        This is how pious or determined your character is. The higher this number is, the
              better you will be at healing magic. In addition, your quickness in regaining 
              hit points and magic points depends on this attribute.

Gaining Levels
The max level in Realms of Hell is currently capped at 40, and it will increase at a point
in the future as we add content. To increase in level, you will need to gain experience points
by either killing creatures, questing, or exploration. Later on in the game, you can also gain
experience by pledging to many of the various clans. As you level, you will also gain weapon
proficiency slots. These are points you may use to learn new weapon skills. You can type the
weapon command to see how many weapon training points you have at any given time. In addition,
your character has natural defenses to various forms of attack. We call them "saving throws." 
When you level, these will go up naturally as well. You can type HELP SAVES to get a more
detailed explanation for these. Once you gain enough experience to level, you can seek out your
training location and type the train command. Information on your training location can be
found by finding certain guiding NPCs within the cities wherever you start. For example, in the
city of Highport, you should find and talk to Xenis the Sage.

Your character can die either to a monster, to an effect/trap, or to other players. When you die to the
former, you will lose a certain amount of experience. If it goes below your current minimum experience
for your level, you will drop in level. However, if you re-gain that experience, you will automatically
level back up to where you were before, without needing gold or having to train again. If a player kills 
you, every item you are wearing (HELP WEAR, HELP EQUIPMENT, HELP REMOVE) will drop to the ground. If 
a monster kills you, you will only drop whatever weapon you are wielding (HELP WIELD.)

Your character also has various skills which can be raised over time as you adventure (HELP SKILLS.) 
You can use the skill command to see your current skills. It's important to keep in mind that 
the max skill level you can have in any one skill at any given time is 10xlevel. For example, if you 
are level 3, your skills' maximum is set to 30 until you level up again. It is important that you 
continually practice your skills as you adventure. For example, your skills at search and hide will 
not get better unless you often try to search and hide. The same applies with your other skills. 

Every character has two parts to their alignment. The first part is either lawful or chaotic. 
Everyone always begins the game as lawful. Prior to level 7, you will be given a choice of which one you
wish to become. If you chose chaotic, you will be able to kill and steal from other players and
vice versa. If you chose lawful, you cannot kill or steal from other players. An exception is when a player 
pledges to a clan (HELP PLEDGE.) Certain classes, such as paladins, clerics, death knights, and 
fighters, are required to pledge to various clans as a part of their training.

The second part of a character's alignment is good, evil, or neutral. The majority of creatures in the world 
of Derlith are either good or evil. When you kill one, your alignment will shift either to the good or evil 
direction as a result. Certain classes are required to keep certain alignments. For example, paladins and death 
knights must remain on on the good or evil side to have their full abilities. The same goes for certain clerics, 
depending on which diety they worship (HELP GODS). For those classes not required to keep extreme alignment, 
having it too far one way or another can also have some interesting side effects, such as fumbling your weapon 
in combat, or setting off traps more often.

Realms of Hell combat can be set to either automatic or manual. Every character defaults to manual combat after 
character creation. In order to do combat manually, you must continually provide input into the MUD. You will be
told how long to wait before you can enter another command. For example, as a base, you can only use the kill
or cast command every 3 or so seconds. If you try faster, the MUD will tell you to wait. The same goes for your 
class' special abilities, such as bash, circle, or kick. 

If you wish to turn on automatic combat, you must use the command pref autoattack on. Once you do this, next
time you attack something, your character will fight by itself with whatever weapon you have wielded. In addition, 
if you flee, the MUD will continually try to make you run away in a random direction until you succeed. You can 
also set whatveer target you wish to keep hitting by using the target command (HELP TARGET.) If you are 
attacked, the MUD will usually automatically set this for you. You can see more information by typing 

If you get in trouble, remember to flee (HELP FLEE!) Just keep in mind that any weapons you are wielding
(HELP WIELD), you will drop them unless you remove them first before fleeing. Also, if you are ever out of 
sorts and do not know where you are, and you are level 7 or less, you can always type "recall" (HELP RECALL) 
to  instantly teleport yourself back to the binding location of your starting city. After level 7, you will need 
to have a specific item in your inventory (a hazy potion is a common one), which the recall command will find 
and use that magic to teleport you back instead.

NOTE: You can also "set wimpy X", where X is the hit points where your character will automatically attempt to

Armor, Defense, and Damage Reduction
The general armor skills currently in the game are cloth, leather, ring, scale, chain, and plate. Depending on 
your class, you may have restrictions of what kinds you may wear, or just other limitations. For example, a mage 
cannot wear anything but cloth armor, and a ranger cannot weild two weapons (HELP SECOND) if wearing plate. 
As you are hit, your corresponding skill of the type of armor you are wearing has a chance to raise. You can wear 
armor by using the wear command. All available locations you have to wear armor can be seen by using the
equipment command, or eq for short. You can see your armor rating by typing the score commmand. This
percentage is the amount of damage your armor will potentially absorb. Keep in mind that armor can break. When
this happens, you'll need to look around and find a smithy NPC to repair it for you. The difference in level
compared to what you are attacking also can reduce or increase the damage you will do or receive. For example,
if you fight something 6 levels higher than you, it is going to beat on you pretty good, despite your armor rating.
The opposite is also true. In addition, During all combat, your defense skill also naturally will go up over time.

Spells and Magic
For the moment, nearly every class in the game (with the exception of berserker) is able to cast spells. Some
spells are restricted to certain classes, while others are available to all classes, where some are better at
them than others. For example, while a fighter can also cast vigor, a healing spell, a cleric is going 
to be much much better at it than he is. The same goes for many other spells. In order to get spells, your character
must find a spell scroll and study the scroll. For example, if you find a burnt scroll, you would get
it, and then type study burnt. You would then learn spell the scroll contained. You can see the spells you know
by typing the spells command. You can see the spells/effects you are under by typing the effects command.

All spells require the use of magic points, or MP. When they run out, you can no longer cast until you wait and let
them slowly regenerate. The cast command is used to cast spells (HELP CAST.). In addition, you may also
find wands or potions, or other items which can be used to cast spells. In this case, you use the use command


As always, other players are your best source of information. You can see who is on at any time by typing the
who command. If any are highlighted in white, that means they are a watcher (HELP WATCHER.) You
may also occasionally see a Dungeonmaster or Caretaker on as well. Feel free at ANY time to use the newbie
or gossip command to ask whatever questions you may have.

Happy adventuring!!

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