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Ever so often, depending on your class, you will receive weapon trains.
The weapons command is used to choose new weapon type skills. Simply type
"weapons" when you are presented with a new weapon train. All weapon
types belong to one or more of the following categories:

Here is the full weapon type list by category (so far):
Slashing: sword, knife, great-sword, claw
Piercing: dagger, rapier, spear
Chopping: axe, great-axe
Crushing: bare-hand, hammer, mace, staff, great-hammer, great-mace, flail
Ranged: bow, crossbow, sling, thrown, arcane-weapon, divine-weapon
Exotic: polearm, whip

When you use these weapons, your skill in the corresponding category
will raise up to a value of your level x 10. After that, it cannot go
up until you level up again.

HELP WEAPONDETAILS for more information about each individual skill.

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