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Detailed Weapon Skill Descriptions

arcane-weapon (Ranged): 
Anything that uses arcane energy/magic to do damage. i.e. a "wand of blasting" 
would be an arcane-weapon. Starting at level 4, only mages, multi-class mages, 
liches, and bards have this skill available to choose.

axe (Chopping): 
All smaller axe-like weapons, such as a hand-axe, hatchet, tomahawk, etc..

bare-hand (Crushing): 
Hitting with bare hands and/or boxing. All players have this skill by default.

bow (Ranged): 
All bows...long bows, short bows, composite bows, etc..

claw (Slashing):
This is the skill werewolves use for their claws, as opposed to bare-hand skill.
It is exclusive to werewolves.

crossbow (Ranged):
All mechanical crossbow or crossbow-like weapons.

dagger (Piercing)::
All dagger/dirk like weapons which are small and are used for stabbing.

divine-weapon (Ranged):
Anything that uses divine energy/magic to do damage. i.e. "a rod of smiting" 
would be a divine-weapon. Starting at level 4, only clerics, multi-class clerics, 
paladins, death-knights, and druids have this skill available to choose.

great-axe (Chopping):
Any large axe weapon, usually needing two hands to wield. i.e. a battle-axe, pole-axe,
huge double-axe, etc...

great-hammer (Crushing):
Any large hammer weapon, usually needing two hands to wield. i.e. a maul or giant-hammer.

great-mace (Crushing):
Any heavy mace (SEE BELOW) that is usually oversized, needing two hands to wield.

great-sword (Slashing):
Any of a number of huge swords, usually needing two hands to wield. i.e. two-handed sword

flail (Crushing):
Commonly known as a "mace and chain"...A weapon with a chain or rope and spiked ball or 
balls at the end. They can also sometimes be larger and two handed, used to strike around 

hammer (Crushing):
Any normal sized hammer weapon, usually only needing one hand to wield. i.e. warhammer, 
smithing-hammer, etc..

knife (Slashing):
Any small knife-like weapons. i.e. scalpel, switchblade, glass-shard, etc..

mace (Crushing):
Any type of handled weapon with a weighted smoothe or spiked ball attached to the end.
Usually only needs one hand to wield. i.e. mace, morning-star

polearm (Exotic):
Any number of weapons usually used in big infantry formations. Usually are rather
large and require two hands to wield. i.e. halberd, awl-pike, ranseur, spetum,
pole-axe, lucern-hammer. These weapons can do varied damage types, but since they 
usually require more specialized training, they fall under the Exotic category.

rapier (Piercing):
Any relatively light blade with a very sharp point. Usually used in a fencing style
of blade combat where you stab your opponent. Usually has a hand guard.

sling (Ranged):
Any weapon like a leather or cloth strap with a holding space for rocks or bullets to be thrown
at your enemy after swinging it around to pick up speed.

spear (Piercing):
Any spear or spearlike weapon. Sometimes needs one hand or might need two, depending on size.

staff (Crushing):
Any thinly shaped piece of wood, iron, or other material, that often looks like a walking 
stick. You thwack enemies with it or jab them with the ends.

sword (Slashing):
Any sword or sword-like weapon that usually need only one hand to wield. i.e. longsword,
short sword, bastard sword, machete, scimitar, cutlass, falchion. Sometimes they can need
two hands to wield as well.

thrown (Ranged):
Broad category that includes any type of weapon that you throw at your enemy. Examples
are darts, rocks, shuriken, knives or daggers (specifically balanced for throwing) , etc...

whip (Exotic):
A long lash made of hard leather or other similar material, which can be coiled and used
to strike at an enemy at a distance. Often can have a barbed end to be more lethal. Whips
take much time to master in combat, so they fall under the Exotic category.

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