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Unique and lore items are two types of limited items.

Lore items are set so that a player may only have a certain number of them at
any given time. Once you have reached that limit, you will be unable to pick up
any more. Other players will still be able to get this item.

Unique items have a setting that only allows a certain number of them to be in
game. Darkfinder, for example, is a legendary bow. It is unique, so only one
Darkfinder may be owned by a player at any time. Unique items may only be
owned for a certain length of time before they vanish and other players are
allowed to acquire another one.

Limits on unique items are more flexible - there may be a certain number in
game or a certain number per player, as well as unique item groups. For
example, if five different objects belong to the same group in which only one
of them can be in game at any time, picking up one of the objects will cause
the other four to disappear.

You may put limited items in your shop or in your storage room, but only if
you are the primary owner. Do note that unique items may be stolen and,
unless specificly set on the object, may be dropped or traded or sold like
any other object.

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