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Clerics of Aramon, upon reaching a high enough level and of evil enough alignment, are
able to pronounce a divine unholy word against good opponents. It will only work on good
opponents, and it will not work on others of Aramon's faith. There is also a chance that
the divine power will be so strong that it can utterly smite an opponent dead. If the
Cleric also has a malediction effect active (help malediction), the destructive power
of the unholy word is stronger. Opponents under a benediction effect (help benediction)
are immune to unholy words unless the cleric has a malediction effect active and his skill
level with Unholy Word is greater than or equal to his opponent's experience level. In 
addition, channeling divine power can be tricky at best, and the unholy word has to be said 
perfectly. There is always a chance that a bad intonation could happen, which lessens the 
attack. In this case, the unholy word will do only half damage. An unholy word is especially 
destructive against opponents from the upper outer planes such as those of creaturetype Deva 
(help creaturetypes.) Note also that if used by those of the Cambion race, unholy 
words receive a +10% damage bonus due to said race's demonic ancestry.

: unholy paladin
You are now targeting paladin.
Aramon's unholy word does 130 divine damage to the paladin.
Your practice pays off. You have become better at Unholy Word!
You killed the paladin.
You gain 50 experience for the death of the paladin.
The paladin was carrying: a small sword.
You no longer have a target!

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