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The train command allows your player to go up a level if he or she has achieved
the right amount of experience. Each class has his or her own training
location, and the best way to find it is to type TRAIN in several rooms until
you find it. Usually, the training room is related in some logical way to
your character's class. The amount of experience required to go up to
level 2 is 512 experience. From that point on the amount required continues
to double, i.e. 1024 XP for level 3, 2048 XP for level 4, etc. The experience
required starts to level off after level 10.

Gold is also required to train. The amount of gold required is half the
amount of experience required. When you go up a level, you gain additional
hit points and magic points, and you also go up in one of the 5 stats.

For weapon training, see: HELP WEAPONS

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