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MP cost: 13
School:  Not Castable
Domain:  Nature

This spell allows druids and rangers to transport themselves across the world to
another person. The magic employs means similar to those used by the druids and
rangers to track their prey, although on a greater scale. At higher levels, they
will bring their entire group with them.

cast track <target>

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Track is a special ability that rangers, druids, werewolves and minotaurs have.
By searching for such signs as broken twigs, footprints, or other disturbances
to the natural setting (in the case of a werewolf or a minotaur, by using
scent), one is able to find tracks. The pass-without-trace spell will prevent
a player from leaving tracks in a room.

Level Result
----- -------
  1	Find the direction the last person who left the room went.
  5	Determine the size of the largest person who last left the room.
  10	Determine how many people most recently left the room.

Example at skill level 10:
: Bob leaves north.
Min leaves north.
: track
You find tracks leading to the north.
The tracks are medium.
You find 2 unique sets of tracks.

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