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The time command shows you the time in game. It will tell what year it is, what
month it is, what season it is, and whether it is night or day. If you have any
special abilites, it will tell you how much longer they will remain in effect
or how much longer until you may use them again.

The world of Derlith does not have a week system, therefore there are no names
for specific days. Days are simply refered to by their number and what month
they belong to. The Derilian year is 530 days long, with most months having
either 35 or 36 days and the last day of the month having only 31 days.

The first day of Spring is the 21st of Nortaran.
The first day of Summer is the 21st of Jenethel.
The first day of Autumn is the 23rd of Hev'nar.
The first day of Winter is the 21st of Yanyezn.

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