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This mud allows you to interact with it using text messaging. As this is a new
feature, functionality is still being coded. If you have any suggestions,
please post about them on the forum!

To use this service, text message 41411 with the following text:

  realms who: see who is online
  realms finger <player>: see when player last logged in and if
                they have any mail, identical to the finger command
  realms send <player> <message>: send a player a message

This service is offered through The service
itself is free to use, but your phone company can charge you for using text
messages (depends on your plan). Because it is free, they will tack on ads
to the end of the text message.

Send a text message to 41411 containing realms who.
You will receive a text message from 41411:
   Online: Min, Bob

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