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syntax: target [creature|-c]

With no argument this command will show you who you are currently
targetting.  With a creature for an argument it will set your target
to that creature. Using -c as an argument will clear your target.

Once you have a target set, you can use offensive commands without
an argument.

See also: assist


: tar
You are targetting: Noone!

: tar rat
You are now targeting black rat.
: tar
You are targetting: black rat
: k
You attack the black rat.
You stabbed the black rat for 6 damage.
You killed the black rat.
You gain 5 experience for the death of the black rat.
You are no longer targeting black rat!
: tar kit
You are now targeting lost kitten.
: tar -c
Clearing target.
You are no longer targeting lost kitten!

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