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ack          afk          ahem         anvil        attention    babble       
ballz        bark         bathe        beam         bear         beckon       
beer         beg          behind       bhand        bird         bitchslap    
bleed        bless        blink        blow         blush        boggle       
bonk         boo          bored        bounce       bow          bubble       
burp         cackle       caress       cheer        chest        choke        
chuckle      cigar        clap         clean        cluck        collapse     
comb         comfort      compose      confused     congrats     copulate     
cornholio    cough        count        cower        crack        crazy        
cringe       crow         cry          cstr         cuddle       curl         
curse        curtsy       damn         dance        daydream     defecate     
die          dirt         disgust      dismiss      doh          doodle       
dream        drool        embrace      evil         expose       eye          
faint        fall         fangs        fart         fft          fidget       
fist         flex         flip         foam         fondle       freak        
freeze       french       froth        frown        frustrate    fume         
fun          gasp         gibber       giggle       glare        glaze        
gnaw         goose        grab         grimace      grin         grind        
groan        grope        grovel       growl        grr          grumble      
grunt        haha         hail         halo         hammer       hbeer        
hiccup       high5        hiss         hug          hum          hump         
hunger       hysterical   imitate      innocent     jiggy        jk           
jump         kic          kiss         knee         lag          laugh        
lick         listen       livejournal  lobotomy     lol          loom         
lust         maniac       mark         massage      masturbate   meiko        
meow         moan         monkey       moo          moon         mope         
mosh         munch        murmur       mutter       narrow       nervous      
nibble       nod          noogie       nose         nudge        ogle         
oink         ok           pace         pan          panic        pant         
pants        paranoid     pat          peck         pester       pet          
phew         pinch        point        poke         ponder       pose         
pounce       pout         psycho       puke         pummel       punch        
purr         quack        rag          rage         raise        rant         
relax        roar         rofl         roll         rollover     rps          
rub          ruffle       sad          salute       satisfied    scowl        
scratch      scream       seduce       shake        shiver       shove        
show         shrug        shudder      shuffle      shush        sigh         
sit          skip         slap         sleep        slobber      smack        
smell        smile        smirk        smoke        smooch       snap         
snarl        sneer        sneeze       snicker      sniff        sniffle      
snore        snort        snuggle      sob          spank        spaz         
spin         spit         squeal       squeeze      squint       squirm       
stab         stagger      stand        stare        stomp        stretch      
strip        strut        stumble      suck         sulk         surrender    
swat         sweat        tackle       tag          tantrum      tap          
taunt        tease        thank        think        thumb        thwack       
tickle       tip          tnl          trip         triumph      tug          
twiddle      twitch       vangogh      wag          wail         wait         
wake         wall         warm         warn         wave         wedgy        
whimper      whine        whip         whistle      wicked       wiggle       
wild         wince        wink         woot         worry        worship      
writhe       yawn         yodel        zip          

For social commands that do not appear on this list, you can use the
EMOTE command. This will allow you to customize your character's behavior.

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