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Each class (and in some cases races) has a fixed set of skills. These skills
include general class skills, weapon skills, defensive skills, and armor skills.
The skills are granted at the appropriate level, and must be increased through
practice in order to remain at a level that is comparable to the numerical
level of the player. Skills can be found using the skill command.

Skill levels range from Horrible to Godlike. Each skill can be raised ten times
per player level, but can also be raised after reaching a higher player level.
For example, you may increase your "hide" skill ten times between levels one
and two. However, if you only increase it five times, then you may make up the
difference later. This means that between levels two and three, you can
increase your "hide" skill fifteen times. Skills become harder to increase the
higher they are.

General skills are either class-specific or granted to everyone. More
information about these skills can be found by accessing their individual
help files. Weapon skills affect your ability to hit with a specific weapon
type. Note that not every class can learn every weapon type, so it may be
useful to ask other players about which weapon skills to choose.

Defensive skills affect your ability to avoid attacks. These skills include
dodge, parry, and block, but not all are given to every class. Armor skills
determine which armor types you can wear. For example, mages can only wear
the lightest cloth armor, while berserkers can wear heavy plate armor. For
those classes dependent on dexterous activities, such as dodging, leather and
cloth armor are the most effective. A higher armor skill means you have
greater expertise with that armor, increasing its longevity.

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