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Size is an attribute that can be set on rooms, exits, objects, players, and
monsters. There are 9 size categories as follows:

Size            Example
------          ---------
  fine            fly
  diminutive      toad
  tiny            cat
  small           halfling
  medium          human
  large           ogre / horse
  huge            cloud giant / bulette
  gargantuan      kraken
  colossal        great red dragon

If you use an object that is not your size, you will incur penalties while
doing so. You can use a weapon or shield up to one size category different than
you, either larger or smaller. You may use armor up to one size category larger
than you, but smaller armor will not fit. You may only wear rings of your size.

Some rooms and exits may have a size set on them. If you are larger than the
set size, you will be unable to enter the room.

See the enlarge and reduce spells for information on changing size.

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