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Players are able to set up their own shops, and stock and unstock them
accordingly, and to receive gold based on what is purchased. A deed must be
bought in the location where land is sold in a city. The deed will only be good
to be used in the city where it was bought. You then must seek out a suitable
location for your shop and found it. Once founded, you will be able to maintain
your stock at your leisure. A 6% tax is levied on all sales from your shop. This
tax may change based on the location of the shop, so be aware.

- You cannot refund in a player shop.
- Using a shop as a storage room by charging outrageous prices is illegal.

  To buy from a player shop, type LIST to see what is being sold. Numbers are
  next to the item to avoid any sort of confusion. Type BUY #1 to buy the first
  item, BUY #2 for the 2nd, etc. etc.

  Note that once you buy an item, the numbers will change!

shop survey
  This allows you to see if a site is available for building.

shop stock (item) [$price]
  This allows you to stock an item in your shop. It is
  possible to have more than one item of the same type
  in stock. You set the price as you stock it. If you
  do not specify a price, the item's default value is

shop price (item) ($price)
  This allows you to change the price on an already
  stocked item.

shop remove (item)
  This allows you to remove an item from stock.

shop found (exit_name)
  This allows you to found your shop. Not all areas
  will allow shops to be built. You must go from room
  to room in order to find an available spot. If the
  exit name has two words (i.e. blue door), then you
  must specify it with underscores (i.e. blue_door).

shop name (shop name)
 This allows you to name the room that is your shop.

Shop names and exit names are closely monitored so that we can be sure they fit
into the area they are contained in. We will not tolerate profane or incredibly
stupid names of shops or entrances. Please make the names fit into the areas in
which you found your shops.

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