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Saving throw resistances allow you to avoid all kinds of obstacles. There are
five saving throws, or "saves" for short, and they can be found by using the
score command. When you succeed a save, you take less damage than you normally
would. For example, if you succeed a spell save, you only take half damage from
the cast. Succeeding a trap save allows you to partially or even completely
avoid a trap. There are many other ways saves can be useful, so it is in your
best interest to try to raise them.

Saves can be increased by practice. Using the previous examples, getting cast
on a lot can increase your spells save, and falling into a lot of traps can
increase your death/traps save. Starting with the seventh level, you may
raise each of your saves 5 times. Leveling up also gives you an increase in
one save, which depends on your class and level. Each save may be increased
once every 60 seconds. This policy is in place to prevent trap abuse.

Your saving throw resistance ranges on a scale from Normal to Immune. Note
that being Immune does not actually mean you are invulnerable, since other
factors, such as the stats of your character and your enemy, may also factor
into your chance to save.

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