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Prime Requisites: Strength, Dexterity
Compatible Races: Barbarian, Cambion, Dark-Elf, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Goblin,
	Half-Elf, Half-Giant, Half-Orc, Halfling, Human, Kataran, Kobold,
	Minotaur, Ogre, Orc, Seraph, Tiefling, Troll

The rogue is a swashbuckling outlaw, living from job to job and by his sword.
Whether he be bounty hunter or bandit, pirate or conman, he is an extreme jack
of all trades in regards to the seedier sides of life in Derlith. Above all,
however, a rogue favors honorable combat. Rogues are often partisons which help
oppressed peoples fight evil authority. Rogues are similar to thieves and
similar to assassins, but excel as neither. The biggest advantage a rogue has
is his acrobatics. A rogue is extremely hard to hit, as he can dodge and
sometimes even riposte attacks against him. A rogue is also able to wield two
weapons at the same time, and is able to disarm his opponents, although not as
well as a fighter. Rogues may also kick their enemies in combat at times,
dealing extra damage. Rogues are good fighters, but they lack the staying power
of the fighter and the bruteness of a berserker. The rogue is the master of the
ambush, and he can jump from the shadows to ambush his opponents, catching them
by surprise. Due to nefarious activities, Rogues are also able to pick locks
once they reach a certain height in their profession. Several organizations
will accept Rogues into their ranks across Derlith, as the criminal and
fighting knowledge of the Rogue is always widely desired.

Abilities: Ambush, Disarm, Kick, Pick, Second

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