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For each of the 6 elemental realms (water, fire, earth, wind, electricity,
cold), there is a spell resists that realm (resist-water, resist-fire,
resist-earth, resist-air, resist-lightning, resist-cold). Each of these spells
takes 13 MP to cast. A character may only have two of the aforementioned spells
effecting them at any given time. If a third resist-element spell is cast, the
spell that has the least time remaining will wear off.

Also note that you cannot resist elements of opposite realms at the same time.
If you are resisting water, you cannot resist lightning. Opposite realms are:

	water  --  electricity
	fire   --  cold
	earth  --  air

: c resist-w
You cast a resist-water spell.
: c resist-a
You cast a resist-air spell.
: c resist-f
You cast a resist-fire spell.
Your resist-water spell wears off.

The resist-water spell wears off because it was cast first and has the
shortest remaining duration. Below, resist-fire wears off because cold
is opposite of fire.

: c resist-c
You cast a resist-cold spell.
Your resist-fire spell wears off.

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