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MP cost: 15
School:  Transmutation
Domain:  Augmentation

The enlarge and reduce spells can magically change the size of the target. Each
spell has a strength - how much it has changed the size of the target. For
example, if a strength 3 enlarge spell is placed on a cat, which is normally
"tiny", it will be enlarged size "large". The maximum strength at which you can
cast either of these spells is based on your level.

The following syntax will cast an enlarge or reduce spell at maximum power.

cast <enlarge|reduce> <target>

You may also manually specify the strength of the size spell. To do so, you
must determine the current size and the desired size of your target.

cast <enlarge|reduce> <target> to <size>

: c enlarge to huge
You cast an enlarge spell on yourself.
The room's magical properties increase the power of your spell.
You grow in size!

Enlarge and reduce spells counteract each other. For example, a strength 3
enlarge spell followed by a strength 2 reduce spell will leave the target
magically enlarged by one size category.

Level   Max Strength
 1-9       1
 10-19     2
 20+       3

Only mages and liches may cast this spell.
Type HELP SIZE for more information on size.

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