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Ranger Roleplaying Notes

Rangers are the woodsmen of the forest. They are hunters, trackers, pathfinders,
guides, and scouts. The forest is their domain and they will generally feel
uncomfortable in cities or among crowds of people. Rangers treat animals with
respect and will do whatever it takes to protect the forest from destruction.
This sometimes brings them into conflicts with the law, as loggers may become
targets if they begin damaging the environment. Rangers, however, also follow a
strict code of ethics which keep them along a good alignment. Those who become
too evil become fallen rangers and are treated as fighters (note this is only a
roleplaying quirk, it does not happen in the game).

Rangers are a rough crowd that are not very fond of civilization. They try to
avoid cities as much as possible - they generally prefer the trails across the
open plains and are often known to travel great distances simply for the sake
of traveling. They sometimes have forests they consider their territory - it is
not any claim of ownership, but rather they it is their duty to protect that
tract of land above all else. Rangers also tend to visit the smaller towns
within their claimed territory, stopping by the local tavern to get the latest
news running through the area. Locals wishing to travel through rough, foreign
terrain would most likely contact a ranger to be their guide. Although they may
appear gruff, distrustful or even outright dangerous, they will do their best
to complete their job and would wish the travelers no harm.

All in all, rangers are much like druids, except more violent and better
trained in weapons. They hate vampires and many have taken it up as a
profession to rid the world of such foul creatures. Rangers also pick one race
considered as their "species enemy". Members of this race are considered by the
ranger as personal enemies and will be hunted down and killed at all costs.
Species enemies can be anything from hobgoblins to spiders to dire wolves
(note this is not included in Realms, it is merely a roleplaying note).

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