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-The Warning System-
Some infractions will be dealt with by giving you a warning. You
are allowed 3 warnings. Anything following that will require other
actions by the staff upon your character. After such actions, the
warning(s) may or may not be removed. Warnings are recorded on your
character. You can see them by typing "score".

-Becoming an Outlaw-
Other infractions may incur your becoming an "outlaw". There are
different degrees of being an outlaw. The minimum, is that you
will be able to be killed by anyone, at any time - whether you
are fighting in battle with a monster or not. In addition, you
may be able to be summoned against your will, attacked by monsters
which are "outlaw aggressive", or flagged to lose experience to
people who kill you. Some rooms (like the Highport Market Square)
are "outlaw safe" where no one can kill you. Do not, however stay
in these rooms for a long time. If you do, energy bolts will hit
you and you can be killed for experience loss. Outlaw sentences
usually last only 10 minutes. However, they can last for up to
2 hours under some circumstances.

Some infractions will place you in the Dungeon of Despair. A
staff member will tell you how long you have until you get out.
The sentence time varies depending on that staff member. No staff
member will release you but the staff member which jailed you. A
staff member will always identify themselves to you. If your time
runs out and they do not release you, mudmail (HELP MUDMAIL) them
to remind them. Even a DM will not release you if it was a Caretaker
which jailed you originally. Only in special circumstances will
this ever not be the case.

-Character Deletion and/or Sitelock-
A few infractions will mean immediate deletion of your character.
This action will be extremely rare, for obvious reasons. Even
rarer will be sitelocking your IP address or IP group. This will
disallow you from connecting to the game.

-Other Punishments-
Many other things can be done. This is by no means a complete list.
However, punishments will usually be restricted to the above four
types. It depends on the staff member giving out the punishment.
Usually non-standard punishments will be dealt for things which are
not clearly defined in the Realms Policy (HELP POLICY).

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