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The proxy command allows you to grant/remove proxy access to your character;
allowing other people to use your character without having to give them
your password.

The command without any arguments will show you the names and player IDs of
all characters (if any) with proxy access to your character.

To add someone simply type 'proxy <character name>'
To remove someone, either type 'proxy <charater name>' or 'proxy <PID#>'

Proxied characters are unable to suicide, adjust proxy access, or change
forum associations; all other functions are available (including guild
functions) so be careful who you give access to your characters.

Example: Bert the Highlord

: proxy johny
You grant Johny proxy access to your character.
: proxy
               Character Name                Proxy Access
Character:     Bert(P18)                     - Johny(P55)

Example 2: Proxy Login

Please enter name: johny as bert
Trying to log in Bert using Johny as proxy.
Please enter password for Johny: **********

### Bert(Johny) the Human Highlord just logged in.

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