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Realms is a much better enjoyed game in the long run if you know what stats
to pick. In most cases it takes trial and error and a lot of playing
experience to figure out the right stats for you. This file will assist
you, in that it will explain what each stat does so you can make educated
decisions on your own about how to pick stats at character creation.


Strength determines how hard you hit and how much you can carry. If you are
a pureblood, it helps determine your chance to bite successfully. For hiring
monsters (HELP HIRE), it helps determine how long the monster stays with
you before demanding more money.


Dexterity is an important stat for some classes but not for others. First
off, higher dexterity lets you hide better. It also determines your chances
of fleeing successfully. If you are a berserker or fighter, it helps you
circle better the higher it is. For thieves, it assists you in your ability
to steal. Dexterity also helps druids when they attempt their endurance
ability. Last but not least, a higher dexterity lowers your armor class
(AC) and makes it so monsters and players have a harder time hitting you.


Constitution can be important depending on what you want. First off,
constitution determines how many hit points you get at a time when you
tick, or slowly regain your hit points and magic points. For example,
with a lower constitution, you might get back 1 hit point at a time. A
higher one, however, can allow you to get 8 back at a time. Another
thing constitution does if it is high is give you a bonus to the number
of hit points you get each time you reach a higher level. This can be most
useful for fighters and berserkers. If you are a vampire, constitution
helps determine how long your hypnosis lasts. If you are a lich,
constitution determines how often you regain hit points.


Intelligence is the most important attribute for most spell casting
classes. The higher your intelligence is, the higher the bonus you get on
the damage your spells do. In addition, the higher the number you have in
intelligence, the longer your stuns last when you use the stun spell. This
is very important for all casting classes. Intelligence also determines how
many magic points you regenerate back at a time. If you are a bard or
vampire, intelligence helps determine how successful you are when you try
to charm or hypnotize. If a cleric has a higher intelligence then piety, it
helps him heal more hit points when using the vigor and mend-wound spells.
Last but not least, a the higher your intelligence is, the less chance you
have of spell failure.


Piety is another extremely important attribute to most of the spellcasting
classes. For all classes except liches, piety determines how often you
regain hit points and magic points. If your piety is lower, you will tick
less often then if it is high, and your character wont regenerate his hit
points and magic back as quickly. Piety also helps you to search. Also, the
lower your piety is, the most likely an aggressive monster will attack you
as opposed to someone else in the room with a higher piety. Generally, the
higher your piety is, the more you will heal back when you use the vigor
or mend wound spells.

Generally, it is suggested that you put high numbers in any of the
attributes listed as prime requisites for a class. These are all listed in
the Book of Knowledge. Another good source for what to make your stats at
creation are the many experienced players we have playing Realms. Playing
experience is the best indicator. Remember that the race you pick effects
your attributes as well. Races and their adjustments are listed in the
Book of Knowledge.

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