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Multi-class characters are characters who have a primary class, but also a
secondary class, excelling in neither. While there are big benefits to being 
multi-class character, most noteably being able to have alot of the abilities 
of both classes, there are also penalties - the primary one being that multi-class 
characters automatically receieve 3/4 the exp gained. As such, it takes them a
third as long to level. In addition, while multi-class characters have abilities
in both their classes, the abilities are not always as strong as a single class
character would have. For instance, when stealing, a fighter/thief is not as good 
as a pure thief of the same level, and he/she can't ever steal gold. In some cases, 
an ability might not even be available. As an example, a fighter/thief is unable 
to uses the bash skill.

It is strongly suggested that only veteran players attempt to level one of these
classes, as they will be quite taxing to level. Once they are high level, though, 
they will be incredibly diverse and well-rounded characters. The following is a list 
of the multi-class combinations available at character creation. These are the only 
ones available for right now. More could be added at a later date.

Note 1: 
Initial HP/MP is always the average of the normal alotted to each pure (first) class.
Note 2: 
Stat (per level) and save adjustments per level have been customized for each of 
these class combinations.
Note 3: 
All multi-class characters can train at the locations of their primary (first) class.

HP/lvl: 5
MP/lvl: 4
Attack as: Fighter
Allowed Races: Cambion, Elf, Half-elf, Gnome, Dark-elf, Seraph, Tiefling

Fighter/Mages are warrior mages. The first ones appeared among the elves, with
their mages specifically trained for war with orcs and other evil forest
denizens. A fighter/mage can automatically detect-magic just like a mage. They
also cast faster than a fighter does. Fighter/mages are required to wear light
armor, and they are unable to bash, and do not circle as well as a pure fighter.

HP/lvl: 6
MP/lvl: 2
Attack as: Fighter
Allowed Races: Cambion, Dwarf, Elf, Half-elf, Halfling, Orc, Half-orc,
	Kataran, Kobold, Goblin, Tiefling

A fighter/thief is usually a fighter that started out trying to be a thief at a
young age and gained some skills in that profession, and then moved on to just
be a fighter because they liked focusing more on fighting skills than thieving.
A fighter/thief can pick locks, peek, steal, backstab, sneak, and hide just like
a thief can, although not as well. Fighter/thieves are also required to wear
light armor, and they are unable to bash, and do not circle as well as a pure

HP/lvl: 5
MP/lvl: 3
Attack as: Cleric
Allowed Races: Half-orc, Cambion

Cleric/assassins are clerics which specialize in killing people. As a result,
they train as assassins as well as in the clerical arts. A cleric/assassin may
only pledge to Aramon, as the Cult often trains its clerics in this manner. A
cleric/assassin is able to backstab, scout, sneak, and hide, just
like a normal assassin can, only not always as well. They also cast a little
slower, cannot teach spells, and their healing is as if they are half their level.

Initial spells: vigor

HP/lvl: 5
MP/lvl: 4
Attack as: Mage
Allowed Races: Elf, Gnome, Cambion, Half-elf, Tiefling

A mage/thief is usually a former thief which discovered they had abilities in
the arcane arts and gave up their criminal career. This by no means stops them
from being skilled thieves still, however. A mage/thief is able to pick, steal,
dodge, hide, sneak, and backstab just like a normal thief, only not as well. As
a result of deviating from their mage studies, their casting time is somewhat
slower. Mage/thieves are still bound by mage armor restrictions.

Initial spells: armor, magic-missile

HP/lvl: 5
MP/lvl: 3
Attack as: Thief
Allowed Races: Elf, Gnome, Cambion, Half-elf, Tiefling

A thief/mage is a thief who once was a mage, or a thief who dabbles in arcane
arts while being a thief. They retain their ability to detect magic, and they
cast spells a little faster than a pure thief does. Dabbling in arcane arts
causes a thief/mage's ability to steal to be lax somewhat.

HP/lvl: 5
MP/lvl: 3
Attack as: Assassin
Allowed Races: Cambion, Dark-elf, Tiefling

The mage/assassin is the ultimate assassin - the killer with magic. They are
mages cross-trained to be assassins for various dark organizations. A mage assassin 
is able to scout, use envenom, and backstab just like an assassin, only not as well.
They have the martial ability of an assassin. As a result of their cross-training, 
they do not automatically detect-magic, and they are unable to teach or learn how to
enchant items. They are limited by mage restrictions on armor.

Initial spells: armor, magic-missile

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